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Bharat Petro Centre
Authorised SERVO Industrial Oil Stockist of Indian Oil Corporation Limited

SERVO Lubricants

IndianOil's SERVO is the brand leader among lubricants and greases in India and has been conferred the “Consumer Superbrand” status by the Superbrands Council of India.

IndianOil’s SERVO Lubricants has for over a decade now been the dominant player in India's lubricant market. Recognised for cutting-edge technology and high-quality products, SERVO is backed by IndianOil's world-class R&D and an extensive blending and distribution network,sustained brand enhancement and new generation packaging. Customers perceive the SERVO range as a one-stop shop for providing complete lubrication solution in the automotive, industrial and marine segments.
In the retailing segment, besides Indian Oil petrol stations, SERVO lubricants are made available through a network of Stockist. The SERVO range has over 500 lubricants and over 1500 formulations for literally every activity or lubricant needed in the industry.

Lubrication is the art of reducing friction between rubbing or rolling surfaces. In the recent past two terminologies have gained currency - Tribology, the science of Rubbing; Rheology, the study of stream or flow. The earliest knowledge of lubrication is evident from grease lubricated chariot wheels excavated from the ruins. The rapid development of this science can be said to have started from the 18th century, with significant technological progress in commercial usage in the 20th century. Most lubricants are liquids. Water is a natural lubricant but has extremely limited application due to its very low viscosity and very low boiling point, besides its contribution to rusting and corrosion. Vegetable oils have excellent lubrication properties but have very poor oxidation stability, high pour point, rapid thickening and may even let out foul odours in time. Most of the liquid lubricants used at present all over the world are petroleum-based mineral oils.

Lubricating oils from IndianOil meet the requirements of all core industrial sectors of India spanning defence, railways, cement, coal, steel, sugar, power, marine, surface transport, engineering, fertilizers, etc. IndianOil’s SERVO grades of lubricants are patronized by these core sector industries for over five decades now. IndianOil takes pride in having a product for every application.

Backed by incisive knowledge of equipment, processes and machinery, IndianOil team can provide solutions to just about anything - Automotive or Industrial. You name it, SERVO will tame it.